New Line LED Product

by Adhecogen

The New Line LED product is an innovative and completely new way to light up your home, office or commercial area. This type of lighting gives you the chance to create a brand-new look in your space through the use of lighting. When you’re looking for something different that’s also energy-efficient, look no further than New Line LED lighting by Ecogen.

Low Glare

This new lighting line consists of a combination of LED surface mount devices with a diffusing cover for the lens. If light glare is a problem for you, this is the answer you need. The lighting is strong but doesn’t give off the glare you would find with other lighting options. it is available in two sizes; 2 Feet and 4 Feet.

Easy Setup

It’s easy to set up this new light system since you’ll have your choice of 4 various fittings and mountings that include:

Slot – With Slot Line you can adjust the height and width so that the light can be mounted into the existing holes in your grid.

Snap – This mounting allows you to place the lights into any type of ceiling board. Snap line can be recessed into thinly cut holes in a number of positions.

Hook – The Hook Line can be hooked onto both side and main grids that are currently installed and it features an adjustable height and width.

Suspension – The Suspension Line attaches to any ceiling type and drops down.

New Line LED Benefits

Here are just a few of the many benefits you’ll receive when you make the switch over to this new and exciting lighting option:

  • Save up to 50% on your energy costs
  • Green product – recyclable and contains no lead or mercury
  • Turns on instantly – does not need any time to warm up
  • 50,000 hours life span expectancy
  • Self-driven with no need for other drivers
  • Fully dimmable with options for remote control
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty

Ecogen Line LED lighting provides crisp and clean lighting without a glare. You can choose the mounting and fitting setup that would work best for your existing ceiling and you’ll be able to instantly inject culture and art into your ceiling.

You can form shapes with these lights beyond the metal grid frame and personalize and customize your own lighting system. The New Line LED product gives you endless opportunities to create amazing visuals in any room or space. Find out more about our new Line LED lighting on our products page or give us a call today at 905-282-0881.

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  • Nov 06 2016
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