Office Furniture Parts and components

by Adhecogen

Custom office component made out of plastic

A metal custom office component

Most people spend a large part of their day in offices. So it is not surprising that they need many implements to carry out their work and maintain comfort. Many of these items, such as chairs, tables, windows and doors, require metal parts to function. ADHECOGEN offers an extensive catalogue of high-quality, cost-effective components.

ADHECOGEN Provides turnkey, cost-effective solutions for North American manufacturers

Whether you need components delivered quickly or a large project needing help, ADHECOGEN’s expert team of engineers and project managers are ready to assist you.

We provide flexible manufacturing services that allow you to stay ahead of the competition, regardless of your location or what custom components you need. Our top priority is to deliver your custom hardware on time, on budget and to your satisfaction.

ADHECOGEN offers two custom hardware solutions for the patio door and window hardware industries. Our high-quality patio door and window handle sets feature sleek, sturdy and customer-customized designs. They come in a variety of finishes, both architectural and powder-coated patio door handles. We manufacture these handles and hardware from high-quality tooling designed for zinc die casting, plastic injection moulding and sheet metal processing.

How is turnkey manufactured with the zinc die casting process?

Die casting is a process of producing zinc parts using reusable moulds called dies. The die casting process involves using a furnace, metal, die casting machine, a mould and all ancillary equipment to keep them all at the proper temperature. The zinc is melted in the furnace and injected into die casting machine moulds. At the beginning of the cycle, the moulds require heating to the optimum temperature for the melting process, typically around 200ºC.

As the process proceeds, molten alloys heat the mould at temperatures up to 700ºC. If the mould temperature is not appropriate, both in the initial heating and after the cooling phase, problems such as breakage, damage or malfunction in the finished product can occur. Several temperature control units are used to maintain the correct temperature in the mould.

This process allows the manufacture of many parts at a low cost. This makes it much more efficient. The variety of parts ADHECOGEN can create is limitless, for any custom designed parts or components you could contact their sales team.

What other parts does ADHECOGEN produce?

Electronic locks for smart lockers:

ADHECOGEN offers a variety of electronic lock products that are suitable for your office. Our electronic lock models have various unlocking functionalities ranging from Bluetooth (connecting the smart lock with a mobile app) to card unlocking (wristband, key fob, rectangle), passcode and fingerprint unlocking. In addition, our models offer emergency power solutions, customizable features and installation forms, and numerous colour and size options.

Hardware for office furniture:

We offer customized hardware solutions for the office furniture industry. In today’s changing workplace, flexible and scalable solutions are critical to an organization’s success. The hardware components used in furniture should reflect the culture and create a platform that enriches productivity.

ADHECOGEN adapts to the customer’s requirements continuously with high-quality standards. That is why many of the parts you may need can be offered by us. Please visit us at