Parking Lot & Outdoor Area Lighting By EcoGEN

by Adhecogen

When it comes to outdoor area lighting, often lighting is too bright in some areas and too dark in others. This is because, until now, lighting of outdoor areas was dominated by metal halide and high-pressure sodium sources. These are relatively efficient lighting options and have good performance characteristics but nothing compared to LED technology.

Indeed, to deliver significant energy savings, provide incredible uniformity and ensure excellent trespass control, nothing beats LED luminaries, often with a life of 50,000 hours or more. In fact, LED technology is quickly becoming the preferred option for outdoor area lighting including streets, pedestrian areas and parking lots. After all, there is a sense of comfort and safety that comes with a properly lit area. In particular, the challenges of 24/7 operations have companies looking for superior light quality. LED luminaries have virtually no maintenance and energy savings can be as high as 70%.

Additionally, LED technology for outdoor area lighting also has other benefits. For example,

1. They contain no disposal hazards such as lead and mercury

2. They come on instantly with no warm-up time

3. LED technology is constantly improving in terms of efficacy

4. Lower optical losses and higher luminaire efficacy

With a mission to bring LED technology to people and inspire them to live greener lives, EcoGEN provides many options for proper LED area lighting. Two of our most notable products include our Cobra Head Street Lights and our 360 Series Street Lights. The benefits of the products include:

1. Energy savings of up to 60% and 75% respectively

2. Low installation, maintenance and control costs

3. Lifespan of 50,000 hours

4. RoHS compliant

5. No warm-up time

6. 5 and 10 year warranty respectively

7. High and uniform lighting performance

8. High thermal endurance

9. Very slim profile to fit in low depth cavities

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  • Nov 20 2015
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