Providing Initial LED Study For Your Business

by Adhecogen

If you’re thinking about switching your commercial establishment over to LED lights, we would be more than happy to perform an initial study of your business for you in order to help guide your purchase. We understand that there are things not everyone understands about LED lighting, so we’ll provide helpful information regarding the project details based on your requirements.

We’ll provide you with reports regarding light simulation and recommendations regarding your product selection, as well as a complete analysis of the cost savings that you could expect with LEDs compared to the cost of running the lights you’re currently using.

Most commercial establishments save approximately 70% on their energy bills when making the conversion over to LEDs. We understand the LED landscape and can give you an overall estimate of your savings based on the amount of lighting you’ll need.

As experts in the LED field, we know how to maximize savings in ways that other companies just don’t understand. We are a one-stop-shop that can provide everything you need for the project including bulbs, controls, ballasts and fixtures. Making this type of upgrade is a wise investment that will provide energy savings on a long-term basis for your company.

As an added benefit you’ll also experience the best lighting technology on the planet. LEDs provide the ability to make changes to colour temperature, brightness and colour rendering. As well, upgrading your lighting may free up some of your electrical capacity, since less wattage is needed to create the same brightness in the building.

To receive an LED study for your business, contact us today! We are the LED lighting experts that you can count on for sound knowledge, expert advice and products that are second to none.

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  • Feb 27 2018
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