Reducing Your Carbon Footprint With LED Lighting

by Adhecogen

In going about our daily lives, each of us inevitably contributes to the emission of greenhouse gases that are causing climate change. In particular, the choices we make at home and at work influence our carbon footprint, which is a shorthand term to describe the full climate change impact of something, whether that something is an item, an activity, a lifestyle or a company. To ensure a stable climate for future generations, each of us has a responsibility to reduce our individual carbon footprint. One of the easiest ways to do this is improving lighting energy performance with the implementation of LED solutions.

Indeed, with no gases, filaments and moving parts to fatigue, LEDs are more efficient than most other light sources including incandescent, fluorescent, metal halide and sodium. As such, in recent years, LEDs have become the number one energy efficiency recommendation for businesses and homeowners to reduce maintenance, lamp replacement cost and the consumption of energy. This in turn reduces the overall kW/hr consumption per year, which reduces the overall CO2 emissions. Additionally, LEDs are also considered green technology because they do not contain toxic chemicals such as mercury.

The benefits of using LED lighting in the home and office include:

1. Long life: LED bulbs and diodes have an average lifetime expectancy of up to 50,000 hours.

2. Energy efficiency: LED sources have an estimated energy efficiency of 80–90% while traditional incandescent light bulbs operate at only 20% energy efficiency.

3. Environmentally friendly: LEDs lights do not contain toxic materials. They are therefore fully recyclable.

4. Durable and flexible: LED lights are extremely durable and resistant to rough conditions including exposure to wind, rain and extreme temperatures.

5. Instant lighting and good light distribution: LED light sources are designed to deliver light more efficiently. They also brighten up immediately when powered on.

6. Low voltage: LED light sources do not require a high voltage power supply and are therefore perfect for use in outdoor settings as well as in offices and homes.

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  • Nov 12 2015
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