Retrofit Exterior Lighting Options

by Adhecogen

When it comes to lighting up the exterior of your residence or commercial building, safety concerns should always be kept as a priority. Lighting is an important part of outdoor safety and if you don’t provide enough light you, or somebody else, could potentially run into a problem. When you don’t have enough lighting available, you could potentially find yourself at the other end of a damaging lawsuit.

Short-Term LED Benefits

The short-term benefits that you’ll receive right away once you decide to retrofit the exterior of your building include increased and better lighting conditions. You’ll be able to see the difference right away and will feel safer entering and exiting the building during the evening or night time hours.

Long-Term LED Benefits

The long-term benefits of switching over to LED lights include energy savings and lower costs for your lighting bills. You can expect a reduction of your overall operating costs for electricity by as much as 25% to 33%. There is also less maintenance required since these lights can last for 10 to 20 years without needing to be changed.

LED Lighting Exterior Options

Your options include the following types of lights:

Uplights – These lights shine upward from the ground

Wall packs – A wall pack is mounted directly on the building approximately 15 feet to 25 feet from the ground.

Bollards – These lights are perfect for lining walkways and are approximately 2 feet to 3 feet in height.

Roadway lights – Roadway lights are used for lighting larger areas such as alleyways and streets.

Pole lights – These are the lights that you would use to illuminate a parking lot.

If you have any questions about the LED retrofit lighting options available for the exterior of your building please feel free to contact us through our site at or call 416–628–3858. We are Ecogen, we specialize in LED Commercial and Street Lighting, and Energy Efficient Lighting

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  • Apr 30 2018
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