Roads That Are Powered by Solar Energy? Is This What the Future Has in Store for Us?

by Adhecogen

There are roads that stretch for miles that run from one end of the country to the other across North America. These roads are made of asphalt and they become scorching hot from the sun’s rays. Innovative thinking has led to the concept of collecting this heat using solar panels to turn parking lots, paths and roads into solar farms that can help us meet our regular energy needs.

Solar Roadways is a business startup energy company based in Idaho that develops solar panels using LED lighting for signage and lines, a heating element, a solar cell and tempered glass. This company was founded by Julie and Scott Brusaw, who saw a need for a new system to produce energy that could help meet today’s demands and also charge up electric cars.

The panels have been installed on a highway called Route 66 in Missouri. The company partnered with the Department of Transportation in Missouri to conduct a test project at a famous welcome centre. First the panels were placed on pavement at the entrance to the rest stop and then the project will expand further into the parking lot. The goal is to have the Jeff Jones Town Square replaced with the solar panels.

This new project follows an earlier project with a bike path in Amsterdam that connected 2 suburbs. This path was able to generate more than 3000 kWh of energy, which is enough power to keep an average home running for a whole year.

LED lights and solar energy go hand-in-hand in terms of supplying power for the years ahead. It’s time for new solutions to be explored in order to give our planet a fighting chance for the future. Learn more about the industry by visiting our website today at

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  • Jan 15 2019
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