Save Money and Energy with Solar Power LED Street Lighting

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Save Money and Energy with Solar Power LED Street Lighting

ECOGEN’s Solar power lighting can be used in many different sectors including public, commercial and residential. Homeowners that have outdoor areas that are large or longer-than-usual driveways can also use these lights to enjoy all the benefits they offer. Solar power LED street lighting Toronto is more energy-efficient than standard lights and is also highly suitable for rural areas.

As budgets continue to tighten and energy costs go up, residents, municipalities and owners of commercial buildings must look for solutions. In order to avoid public liability, spaces must be well lit in order to remain safe. Solar power LED Street lighting lowers the price point of maintenance and operating expenses.

Solar Led Street Lighting Estimated Savings in Ontario

Traditional Street lights often place the largest or second largest demand on energy in cities. This can equate to approximately 1/4 – 1/2 of the energy bill. In some cases, it can be higher. This figure really should not surprise anyone since you can see for yourself just how many streetlights it takes to light up a city, small town or even a village. The cost of lighting large spaces such as parking lots and residential spaces also takes a heavy toll on energy bills.

Switching over to LEDs alone can save a city hundreds of thousands of dollars or more due to the energy savings involved and there is less maintenance needed to replace bulbs. Taking a further leap forward and pairing solar energy with LED street lighting would further reduce these costs significantly. LED Street lighting does not draw a lot of power, so it makes sense to use solar technology along with LED lighting as both a short-term and a long-term energy savings solution.

The Cost of Solar Power

According to Richard Swanson, a solar manufacturer and researcher, as shipment and production doubles for solar panels, the cost of these panels goes down by 20%. This means that the more a country switches over to solar technology on a large scale, the more accessible and affordable this solar power will become.

An additional financial savings that comes about by switching to solar LED street lighting lies with maintenance and replacement costs. Since there are no electrical wires that need to be trenched and no cost of distribution, streetlights can be easily added to a network at a lower cost.

LED Solar Street Lighting for Remote Areas

Solar LED Street lighting Toronto offers the city the chance to reduce operating costs while at the same time installing a more viable solution for the long run. Solar power does not succumb to power fluctuations and outages. In addition, remote communities and urban areas that are expanding should take a closer look at the possibilities of solar street lighting to save on the higher costs of distributing electricity to these remote regions.

Led Street Lighting Company in Toronto

In order to learn more about the savings involved and the benefits associated with solar power energy, please contact our LED street lighting Company based in Toronto for more details. Fill in the contact form on our website at we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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