Smart Led Street Lighting Control Systems

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LED street lighting solutions

Lighting Control Systems – Smart Led Street Lighting

Smart LED street lighting systems allow cities to set the dimming levels of the street lights so that the proper lighting levels are maintained at all times. Cities can also schedule the lights to turn on and off using these smart lighting systems. Not only do these lighting control systems provide energy efficiency but they also help to reduce the number of accidents on our city streets and highways.

Smart street lighting systems also incorporate clusters of street light lamps that are able to communicate with one another in order to provide data regarding the lighting. This data is sent to a concentrator at a local level. This concentrator transmits and manages the data and sends it to a secure server. The data is then captured and shown on a dashboard in a web browser.

LED street lighting systems allow the facility managers to control the street lights remotely while at the same time keeping track of the consumption of power that the driving circuits and the lamps are using. All of these smart features result in lower maintenance costs. Every lamp has its own ID and when there is a problem it can be pinpointed quickly and timely maintenance can occur.

LED street lighting depends on these systems because they also provide information regarding maintenance problems and light failures in real time. This way, any malfunction issues can be dealt with quickly to keep the roads safe for everyone.

Street Lighting Monitoring Systems

The operators of these systems can monitor the street lighting either automatically or manually. They are provided with the ability to control the performance of illumination across the GTA. Automated systems using a variety of smart technology can also monitor and detect the following:

  • Visibility conditions
  • Traffic signals
  • Pollution
  • Temperature
  • Fire detection
  • Security

There are sensors available for all of these items. They can be integrated into the overall street lighting monitoring systems and be run by a remote dashboard.

LED parking lot lights

LED Street Lighting Solutions

Nowadays, the systems for LED street lighting have to provide more functions than ever before. Not only do these lights have to send the appropriate amount of light onto public spaces, dark roadways and parking areas, but they also have to reduce the consumption of energy while improving safety for drivers and pedestrians.

At ADHEcogen we provide LED street lighting systems that offer the following benefits:

  • Superior performance
  • Quality assurance
  • 360 all for one design
  • Cost-effective lighting
  • Highest luminous Flux

We offer Nichia LED lights and Meanwell drivers that can be used for all of your needs in commercial and public applications including high bay lighting, floodlights, park lights, street lights, tunnel lights, canopy lights and much more.

We are Canada’s LED street lighting company that offers superior street lighting systems that are backed by quality assurance and an impressive 10 year warranty. Learn more about street lighting smart solutions now at

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