Solar Powered Street lighting Vs Grid Lighting

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Solar Powered Street lighting Vs Grid Lighting

Solar powered LED street lighting is becoming more and more popular due to the rising cost of energy. Solar Street lighting can eliminate the use of grid lighting by introducing a more effective and reliable system. There are pros and cons to both grid lighting and solar-powered lighting for streets that should be examined thoroughly before any major changes are introduced.

Solar Led Street Lighting

In terms of keeping maintenance and electricity costs to a bare minimum, solar LED street lighting substantially outperforms grid lighting. These lights provide the lighting required without the need for a connection to an electrical infrastructure on the grid. They can operate completely independently or hybrid models can be introduced that use both solar and electrical power.

Solar LED street lighting uses solar panels or photo-voltaic modules that convert sunlight into energy. Batteries store the energy so that it can be used at night. There is a solar charge controller that operates the entire system, including the charging voltage and the storage capacity of the battery.

Traditional Ontario Street Lighting

High pressure sodium or metal halide lights have been used as the main form of traditional commercial lighting for many years. They use non-renewable energy derived from fossil fuel to illuminate the streets. They also require special wiring underneath the ground to connect the grid lines. As a result, they are much more difficult to install.

Maintenance of Solar Ontario LED Street Lighting Versus Grid Street Lighting
Maintenance costs are always a concern when it comes to traditional street lighting. The standard sodium bulbs used only have a 5 year lifespan while LED’s can last for 10 years or longer. Maintenance costs for Ontario LED Street lighting is lower due to the Smart technologies involved with solar lighting. The lights can be controlled and managed from one location. It’s estimated that the average cost of maintaining solar powered LED streetlights in Ontario is 70% less when compared to traditional grid lighting.

The Cost of Installation
The one drawback to making the conversion from grid lighting to solar powered street lighting is the initial installation cost. The entire infrastructure would need to be overhauled. It’s important to crunch the numbers to see just how much the cost savings would be in order to understand why the initial costs would be worth it.

The combination of solar lighting with Ontario LED street lighting is the best way forward for the future. By incorporating the advantages of today’s leading lighting technologies, LEDs and solar lighting, the street lights that we use every day won’t be dependent on fossil fuels any longer.

Find out more about Ontario LED street lighting by visiting our website now at There are many pros and cons associated with the different lighting sources and one of our LED specialists can go over the expected cost savings with you in more detail. Solar powered LED street lighting is the wave of the future and there’s no denying that the cost savings involved with using this lighting method are substantial.

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