Sports Stadium Lighting

by Adhecogen

At Ecogen we provide specialty lighting for sports stadiums that can also be used for a variety of different ball fields and indoor arenas at a professional, collegiate or municipal level. All types of sports are covered with LED lighting technology including soccer, lacrosse, tennis, hockey, basketball, baseball, football and many others. While every sport has its own types of issues to contend with in terms of generating the proper lighting, there are many variables that are consistent across the board when it comes to sports lighting in general.

Most fast action sports that often involve small playing objects, such as tennis, require a high level of lighting. This is also true for sports with a longer viewing distance. A lower level of lighting would be required for sports using a playing object that is larger or a game with a slower speed, such as football. In addition, any sports that have a viewing distance that is closer would require these lower levels as well.

Controlling glare is also a factor that needs to be taken into account. There are clear shields available that can be customized or even frosted to minimize the loss of light. Hot spots must also be avoided by choosing lights with the right wattages and beam spreads to provide the right overlapping beams. The overlapping must also be consistent to provide even lighting across the entire playing surface.

At Ecogen we provide cost-effective and energy efficient industrial lighting for sports stadiums and other large sporting venues. Please feel free to visit our website today at to learn more about LED lighting for stadiums. You can also contact us by email any time using the contact form on our website or call us during business hours at 416-628-3858 to get your questions answered by a lighting specialist.

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  • Nov 13 2018
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