Surface Mount LED Flat Panel Light

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Surface Mount LED Flat Panel Light

An LED flat panel light is a lighting fixture that can be used to replace fluorescent lamps. They are a great option for interior settings and they should be explored when you are tired of paying high electric bills and want better indoor lighting.

LED technology has been around for quite a while now but flat panel lights are relatively new to the scene. They are sleek in design, offer multiple innovative features and are extremely cost-effective. They have been designed to be in drop ceilings, are dimmable, and they are compatible with motion sensors and building controls.

Effective Commercial Lighting

LED flat panels offer bright lighting that is perfect for productivity in the workplace. This type of lighting source contains a diffuser and a guide plate and these functions work together as one to produce soft, white lighting that is evenly distributed. When you install these lights you can expect to receive no RF interference, flickering or humming.

LED Flat Panel Design
These lights are designed to provide the best illumination using state-of-the-art LED technology. They usually feature an aluminum frame with three layers made of aluminum. This frame helps to prevent the leakage of light.

The diffuser distributes an even light across the surface of the guide plate and provides the best lighting possible. There is also a reflector plate that is placed at the back of the guide plate and LED panel lighting also has a heat sink as a safety feature.

LED Flat Panel Light Lifespan
LED lights can often last 60,000 hours, which is much longer than the average lifespan of a 60 W incandescent lightbulb is only about 1,500 hours.

Energy Efficiency
LED lighting in general uses a lot less energy compared to other sources of light such as fluorescent lights and incandescent bulbs. The estimated power consumption is approximately 6 W for an LED bulb and it can provide as much light as traditional bulbs that use double the amount of power. This means that the financial savings are substantial when using LEDs and that there is less maintenance required in terms of changing the bulbs.

For larger companies, the cost savings are incredible and it doesn’t take long before seeing an impressive ROI on the initial investment. Making the switch over to LED panel lights makes sense for any business.

Built-In Drivers
These units come with built-in drivers so there is no need for an external driver or a junction box. Optional daylight harvesting or occupancy sensors features are also available.

LED Flat Panel Lights in Toronto

LED lighting is the wave of the future and the time to make the switch over to this new technology is now. As the cost of electricity continues to go up, there is no better time to get on board and start saving. These slender, cost-efficient lighting solutions can be used in a variety of commercial lighting applications and many companies are using them to light their offices and warehouses. Hospitals, schools and other large venues are also taking advantage of the cost savings and better lighting.

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