The benefits of LED lighting in Warehouses and Factories

by Adhecogen

LED lighting has consistently proven it’s large list of list of benefits; from increased productivity to better energy savings, it’s surprising that some workplaces still haven’t made the switch to LED Lighting. Ecogen provides LED Lighting solutions for all workplaces and will have our technicians help you transition to better, efficient lighting.

Warehouses and factories are amongst some of the largest users of electricity. Most warehouses are extremely large in size and operate at all hours of the day causing them to use an excess amount of electricity. Most warehouses use a combination of conventional lights such as 400 watts Metal halide and 250 W HPS. These lights consume a lot of energy and have extremely high maintenance cost for the owners. Switching your lighting to LED lighting will increase your overall productivity, reduce maintenance and lighting costs, and make your business a greener and ecologically-friendly workplace.

Our Ecogen technicians recommend replacing these lights with our LED High Bay light from the LED 360 Series. The High Bay light is extremely efficient, will reduce your energy consumption and requires absolutely no maintenance. The High Bay is made from a heat conductive alloy frame and instantly turns on- requiring no warm up time. This can make all the difference not only in reduced maintenance and lighting costs but productivity as well; employees will no longer have to come in early to turn on the lights and wait for them to warm up (for visibility) before being able to work. The LED High Bay lights offer a long potential life of 50,000 hours and are not produced with any dangerous or hazardous materials.

Making the change to LED lighting is simple and has a lot of long-term benefits. Contact Ecogen today by using our online form or at 905 282 0881 and let our experts help you upgrade your commercial space to a LED energy efficient environment.

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  • Apr 18 2016
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