The Case For Smart Warehouse Lighting | A Guide By EcoGEN

by Adhecogen

Often characterized by a lack of daylight, high ceilings and the use of hazardous vehicles, warehouses need proper lighting to guarantee safety and performance. So if you’re looking to reduce your building’s energy consumption, insufficient or erroneous lighting is not the way to go. Instead, it is vital to light the space efficiently and effectively using efficient lamps, fixtures and controls.

Indeed, when it comes to warehouses, lighting accounts for the biggest energy cost. Industrial lighting, especially those that shine on aisles of warehouses, plays a big role in energy consumption. The solution? Consider smart lighting, using a flexible and intelligent energy saving system. After all, warehouses come in all shapes and sizes and not all areas of a warehouse are in constant use.

Enter EcoGEN’s 360 Series LED High Bay Lights!

With a life expectancy of 50,000 hours (16 years), EcoGEN’s 360 Series high bay lights provide a flexible and future-proof lighting solution to increase your energy saving potential. Benefits include:

1. Energy saving of up to 75%

2. RoHS compliant

3. Easy to configure and reconfigure at any time

4. It’s a simple lighting solution to maximize warehouse lighting efficiency

5. The high bay lights contain no mercury and lead and are therefore fully recyclable

6. 10 year warranty

Note that AdhEcoGEN’s 360 Series high bay lights are also easy to install and fully scalable to suit your warehouse.

In short, though there was a time when high bay use to mean high cost with expensive installation, maintenance and controls, this is not the case anymore. High bay lights are energy efficient and cost-effective for lighting warehouses.

For more information about AdhEcoGEN or reducing your warehouse energy consumption to improve your bottom line, call us now on 905.282.0881. We are your premier provider of high quality products for smart interior and exterior lighting.

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  • Oct 29 2015
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