The New Surface Mount Flat Panel

by Adhecogen

When you’re looking for an alternative to fluorescent fixtures, reach for the elegant and clean design of the new Surface Mount LED Flat Panel. It’s a thin unit with a thickness of only 1.09”, making it the perfect unit for any type of ceiling. Use it in confined and small spaces, on low ceilings or anywhere else you need light. It comes with a 7-year warranty and offers dimming features.

The EcoGEN Surface Mount LED Flat Panels can be used on suspension, surface mount and drop ceilings. Notable features of these panels include compatibility with timers, motion sensors, building controls and systems for harvesting daylight. When you’re looking for lighting without glare and illumination that’s free of shadows, this is the flat panel that delivers.

This LED surface mount panel is made with environmentally-friendly products and contains absolutely no mercury or any other type of hazardous waste. Along with its 7-year warranty, you can expect a potential lifetime of 50,000 hours from this amazing lighting unit. This equals approximately 16 years with 12 hours of usage per day from Monday to Friday. If these lights are left on 24 hours a day, they will last about 7 years.

Turn your back on fluorescents and wake up to the new day of LED lights. You can expect to see energy savings of up to 50% and you’ll know that you are doing something good for the earth with these mercury-free and recyclable lights. Going green is great for the planet and for your pocketbook.

You’ll no longer have to fight with fluorescent bulbs that flicker when they are on their way out. LEDs will last for years and they are a lot easier on the eyes. Many people have a problem with fluorescent light and end up with eye pain or headaches at the end of the day when exposed to them for 8 hours at a time. Some companies notice a higher production rate with their employees after installing LED bulbs and lighting fixtures.

Going green is no longer a trend but a necessity for households and businesses across the planet. Fluorescent lighting is a thing of the past and can now be replaced with a much greener option. The small amount you’ll have to pay to make the conversion over to environmentally-friendly lighting will pay for itself over and over again throughout the years.

For more information about Surface Mount LED Flat Panels, visit our Adhecogen products page or give us a call at (905) 282-0881. When it comes to lighting, there’s never a better solution to go green.

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  • Oct 17 2016
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