Tunnel Lighting

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Tunnel Lighting

LED lights can be used in a variety of outdoor applications including in tunnels. In fact, ECOGEN’s LED commercial lighting in Ontario is the perfect match for tunnel lighting since it can meet the demanding requirements for the lighting in these areas. Many highway tunnels are dark with a dingy appearance, but they can be brightly lit to make them safer and more manageable for drivers.

LED tunnel lighting allows the driver’s eyes to adjust quickly and easily while at the same time cutting down on utility costs. As well, these LED lights do not need to be changed as often as the other traditional tunnel lights that we are used to. This means that disruptive maintenance in the tunnels, which can be quite a hazardous undertaking, can be kept to a minimum.

Commercial Lighting in Ontario for Tunnels

Public lighting costs include power consumption, installation costs, equipment costs, maintenance costs and some other less quantifiable costs. When taking into account the lifetime cost of the tunnel lighting along with the current problems with public funding, it makes sense to transition over to commercial lighting in Ontario for tunnels. Fortunately, the electrical costs and the installation price for LEDs has lowered significantly in recent years, offering a much lower cost compared to high intensity discharge systems. These lights also last much longer so the cost of maintenance decreases dramatically as well.

Tunnel and Street Lighting Ontario – Superior Lighting Quality

LED lighting systems for tunnel and street lighting Ontario provide much better colour rendering when compared to traditional lighting systems that are currently used. A better quality of light is offered to pedestrians and drivers, adding to the safety aspect. Legislators, safety groups and sustainability associations are calling for the switch over to LED lights as part of public programs.

Cost and the visual perception go hand-in-hand in making the final decision as to the type of lighting used for tunnels. Since there is a high amount of minimum illuminance required in tunnels to keep them operating as a safe environment, high lighting levels must be maintained in all types of road tunnels.

Commercial Lighting Company

It’s important to work with a reliable commercial lighting company that understands the implications of getting the lighting right the first time for major applications. This is especially true in tunnels where getting the proper lighting can often be a challenge with every tunnel constructed differently. The best commercial lighting company will provide optimum lighting that can be installed in the easiest manner in the form of LEDs, which will help reduce the impact on the flow of traffic.

The right lighting colours should be chosen that will help drivers be able to distinguish objects that they see in the distance. Enhanced lighting control should also be available in the transitional exit and entrance zones taking into account the need for a driver’s eyes to adapt from the outside environment to the interior of the tunnel.

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