Use LED Commercial Lighting to Light up Your Workshop

by Adhecogen

Use LED Commercial Lighting to Light up Your Workshop

Whether you are working in a large industrial workshop or have set up a workshop in your home or shed, you’ll need LED lighting to make sure that everything gets done properly. This has become the go-to lighting for both business shops and backyard sheds that have been converted into workshops. When you need the best form of light to get things done right, think of LED commercial lighting first.

Commercial lighting

LED Ontario Commercial Lighting

LED Ontario commercial lighting offers a number of different benefits including cost savings. These lights last a lot longer than their traditional counterpart lighting solutions and use a lot less energy. LED bulbs are designed to keep an area lit for up to 50,000 hours. Forget about constantly replacing your light bulbs and get back to the tasks that you need to accomplish in your work shed instead. Take the extra money you save by not having to constantly purchase new bulbs and put these cost savings back into your pocket for more work supplies.

LED Commercial Lighting in Ontario to Eliminate All the Dark Corners

In many workshops you’re only able to see the items that are sitting on the top shelves in the shop due to insufficient lighting. You may find that the corners are draped in darkness and it is a struggle to find the right tools you need when you’re searching in dark shadows. When it’s time to upgrade the lights in your workshop turn to LED commercial lighting in Ontario for the brightness you need.

There are different LED lighting fixtures available and the type you will need will depend on the size of your workshop along with its layout. Larger industrial size workshops may require LED high bay lighting while smaller home-based workshops may only require standard LED fixtures on the ceilings paired with edgelit panels to provide light in every nook and cranny.

When you have a workshop you are most likely performing complex tasks that require your full attention. Most people don’t realize just how hard it is to focus and concentrate on the task at hand when there is insufficient lighting in the space. Not only is it hard to concentrate but it can start to get frustrating and this will affect the quality of your work. Never underestimate the value of good lighting in a workshop and make it a top priority when you are designing a new shop or upgrading the lighting in your existing one.

Various Colour Options

When you choose LED commercial lighting you’ll have different choices for the colour of light for your workshop. In most cases it’s best to have true daylight colour lighting – especially if you are working with wood. When you visit an auto body shop or paint store you’ll notice that they almost always use lighting that is equivalent to daylight. You have probably noticed for yourself that your car looks like it has a slightly different colour in different lighting conditions. 

At ADHEcogen we have LED commercial lighting consultants that can help you choose the best lighting options for your workshop. Simply give us a call or get in touch through our contact form at We’ll give you practical, experience advice about the best lighting solutions for your workshop based on its size, the layout and the types of tasks you will be doing in it.