Use LED Light Fixtures to Transform Your Office

by Adhecogen

LED lighting can be found in more and more commercial buildings across the country due to the cost savings and the better lighting conditions they provide. If you haven’t yet made the switch over to LED lights for your office, here are some reasons why you should consider doing it soon.

Energy Savings

Whether you are running one office or an entire building containing multiple offices, you’ll find the cost and energy savings to be significant. For example, if you use a T8 LED tube instead of a T 12 fluorescent tube for your office lighting, you’ll save approximately $75 during the life of the lamp for just one of these tubes alone. You should also factor in the energy savings you’ll receive by lowering your cooling costs since these lights emit very little heat.

Less Maintenance

Sometimes it can seem that lighting tubes and bulbs burn out as fast as you can put them in. If you want to avoid the hassle of constantly changing these lighting sources then make the switch over to LEDs. These lights last for years and during that time they require no maintenance at all.

LEDs can provide lighting in any type of office space. An LED lighting fixture can be used in the main ceiling, can be set up at separate workstations or can be used as a combination of both. Troffers are quite often chosen to be the main lighting source for larger office areas since they can be installed in drop-in ceilings and in T-bar grips. These lights provide a smooth light from floor to ceiling in offices and many other commercial settings.

To see a variety of office troffers that provide improved lighting conditions while at the same time lowering energy costs please visit our LED Commercial Lighting catalogue. You can also give us a call at (905) 282-0881 to talk to one of our LED specialists about converting your office to a better, more sustainable lighting source

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  • May 03 2017
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