What Does the Future Hold for LED Lighting?

by Adhecogen

LED lights have been on the market ever since the 1960s, but as the years go by they continue to become more and more popular. They provide no UV emissions, offer a ton of flexibility in their design features, and they are durable and energy-efficient. Industries are already using LED intelligent lighting in homes, offices and retail spaces that are equipped with smart systems.

In terms of the future, LEDs are going to be a valuable resource for indoor farming. We’re just learning about all of the benefits of using LEDs in the horticulture field and as we learn more its usage will grow. LED lighting creates a spectrum of light that is plant-specific, promoting a positive growth cycle. As AeroFarms continue to grow in popularity, we’re sure to see more LED lights used in this field.

Smart LED lighting will provide a cost-effective solution for secure and remote monitoring systems. It will also play a leading role as an extension to electronic video security systems.

LEDs are also expected to play an essential role in healthcare offering lighting that is responsive to the behaviour and needs of humans. Intelligent LED lights will be able to adapt to the different needs of facilities such as hospitals and wellness centres to automatically create a pleasant environment for staff, caregivers, and patients. It has been proven through various studies that the intensity and the colour of the lighting in a room can affect a person’s mood and overall sense of well-being.

The future is bright regarding LED lighting and what it has to bring to the table in 2018 and to move forward. As technology continues to evolve, LED lights are proving to be a lighting solution that can adapt and grow with the changes.

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  • May 28 2018
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