Why High Bay Lights Help You Save Big

by Adhecogen

If you are in charge of handling an organization’s electricity and maintenance, then saving every dollar and minimizing your electricity bill is crucial. By reducing your operating costs, you can free up your budget to spend more on in other areas. Purchasing eco-friendly and cost-effective lighting solutions is the perfect way to cut your costs, and reduce your environmental footprint. Adhecogen, our LED commercial and street lighting company, has a multitude of different fixtures and bulbs to choose from. Here are a few suggestions on why you should work with LED lights to choose energy efficient lighting.


Most 24/7 operational sectors use metal halide and high pressure sodium bulbs (HPS).  These are traditional bulbs are that have been around since the early 1930’s and 60’s. Advancements in lighting technology have allowed LED lights to surpass them in terms of efficiency and longevity. The extra bonus is that the Ontario Government is giving away rebates and incentives to companies and organizations who choose to outfit their buildings with energy efficient lighting.


Ecogens High Bay lights are a great choice if you are looking to improve on your lighting costs in hospitals, condos or any constantly lit buildings. Our bay lights can last twice as long as some traditional bulbs, and our fixtures can keep your buildings illuminated for 50,000 hours. HPS light bulbs usually last 24,000 hours and metal halide bulbs lasts 30,000 hours, which makes High Bay Lights 1.5 x more efficient than its dated competition. To ensure that you get the best quality lighting for your organization, you should look into our complete product line. Not only do our bulbs’ longevity and the governments rebates benefit you, our 10 year warranty is a great bonus for our customers.


To learn more about the Ecogen product line of LED commercial and street lighting, give us a call at (905) 282-0881 or email us at sales@adhecogen.com.

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  • Jul 25 2016
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