Why LED Light bulbs Are Safer For Your Household

by Adhecogen

While there are several cost benefits and energy advantages of using LED lights instead of regular bulbs, safety is also a major advantage to make the switch. Because LEDs burn cooler than halogen bulbs, they offer a safer environment both in the home and in the workplace.

A halogen tube has the capability of producing 4x more heat than an incandescent bulb, and can reach up to 1,200°F. This should be viewed as a serious concern when used in any type of environment, especially in a household that contains carpets, furniture and curtains that can catch fire very quickly.

In fact, halogen were responsible for a fire totaling $450,000 in damage at Hendrix College in Arkansas, which led to a total ban of their use in many dormitories across the United States. Incandescent bulbs can also extremely hot as well and can easily become overheated – several types are actually used as a heat source for incubating eggs and reptiles. As a result, th

Fire Safety

If a lamp gets knocked over and a flammable material such as a shade touches an incandescent bulb, there is a risk that a fire may develop. Leaving a light on overnight could end up with disastrous results should it end up getting knocked over by a pet or someone on your home. Light fixtures mounted on walls and ceilings can also only take a certain amount of heat. Play it safe by installing LED fixtures and relax knowing that your home is much safer than it was before.

Infants and Burns

Many parents can tell a story about one of their children accidentally touching a hot incandescent light bulb while it was still on, or even when it hadn’t cooled down completely after turning it off. Looking Traditional light bulbs get hot enough to cause a painful burn, especially for young children that are not aware of the dangers. With so many other precautions made to make homes safe for infants, LEDs should be part of any plan to childproof a home.

LED technology makes use of a heat sink at the base of the bulb. The majority of the heat is drawn into one area, which maintains a lower temperature – this is also why LEDs last so long, as most of the energy is directed towards providing light instead of heat.

Find out more about how LED lights make your house safer by visiting our website at adhecogen.com. Not only will you end up saving money in the process but you’ll also know that you have reduced the fire risk for your home or business. Contact us today!

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  • Nov 23 2017
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