Why LED Lighting is the Best Choice for your Retail Space

by Adhecogen

Lighting is extremely important when considering the type of atmosphere you want for your retail space. Not only does lighting set the mood for your store, but it also also has a direct impact on your product.

When switching to LED lighting you can choose the type of colour temperature you’ll want for your space. LED bulbs can come in all different colours from Cool White to Incandescent. Cool White and Daylight bulbs are the best type of LED lights for a retail store. The tone of these lights are proven to make people feel more awake and interactive. Lights that give a yellow or warm tones make people feel drowsy or tired; causing them to leave the store faster which could result in lost sales.

Cool White and Daylight tones also help in selling clothes and jewellery; as the tone of the bulbs help show the true colours of the products. This is important when selling clothes as you want your customers to be able to recognize that they are purchasing the right item in store; A dark or navy blue coloured shirt could end up looking like a black shirt under warm lighting. Having Cool White or Daylight tones will show the true colours of your product. When it comes to jewellery having these tones will result in the best sparkle and shine; a shine that could really make the sale.

Purchasing dimmable LED lights can also be very beneficial as you can adjust the vibrancies of the light. Depending on the area of the store or the time of day it might be necessary to slight dim the lights to create a more relaxed shopping attitude.

Transitioning to LED lighting has many benefits; not only is LED lighting cheaper and will save you hundreds of dollars on your bill, but LED lighting has a lot of added benefits to your retail store that could result in increased sales and traffic. Give adhecogen.com a call today at 902-282-0881 to help transition to LED lighting. Ecogen is your number one energy efficient solution for LED lighting.

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  • May 31 2016
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