Why LED Lights Are Perfect For Your Smart Home

by Adhecogen

As more and more people are making the conversion over to smart technology for their homes, the need also arises for better lighting options. This is where LED fixtures step up to the plate. LEDs are more effective in terms of digital control and with a driver, the lights can be dimmed or even mixed with assorted colours. This means that there are countless applications for LEDs in smart homes where the lights use a central controller to connect them to a wireless network.

Wireless controllers are constrained by the amount of power consumption they are required to use. This makes LED lighting perfect for smart homes and businesses. LEDs consume a lot less power than halogen or incandescent bulbs and they also offer a longer lifespan. They can be purchased in a variety of colours so that each room can have its own ambience. You can also use these lights for decorative purposes both indoors and out. LEDs can provide a special light show in your garden or around your pool area.

There are different wireless systems available for LED lighting and Bluetooth is one of the most common. This technology provides a higher rate of data so it can control not only the lighting but other applications like audio. There are other systems also available that allow mesh networking for expanded flexibility.

LEDs are riding on the wave of the future along with smart technology to control the lighting in residential and commercial applications. If you are currently living in a smart home or operating a business that uses smart features, contact us today to find out how LED lighting can be integrated into your current system. You can also visit our website at adhecogen.com to see the wide range of lighting fixtures we offer.

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  • Dec 13 2017
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