Why You Should Choose LED Stadium Lights

by Adhecogen

Quality light is vital for venues where sports activities and games are played. The optimum lighting must be provided so that players can concentrate on the game, spectators can view the event without glare and TV stations can film the event effortlessly. LED lamps offer cost-effective and environmentally friendly lighting options for all types of stadiums ranging from big to small venues.

Stadium Lighting Levels

The required levels of minimal light for stadiums runs from 500 lux all the way up to 1200 lux. The minimum level will depend on the size of the stadium and what it’s used for. Smaller stadiums that are used for practice or for sports activities that don’t require broadcasting may only need 500 lux. Larger events such as FIFA would need 1200 lux in order to provide the best broadcasting to viewers.

Why Choose LED Stadium Lights?

Many stadium venues are still using halide lighting, which is a traditional type of lighting that requires a lot of maintenance and uses a lot of electricity. These lamps must be replaced after 10,000 hours of use, they take a long time to warm up and they use approximately 40% to 70% more energy than LED lights. When LED lamps are used as a replacement, a stadium can expect to see an energy saving of approximately 50%.

LEDs provide more ground illumination by providing various beam angles and optics. They also offer premium colour rendering and high contrast while preventing strobing, which are vital features in terms of high definition broadcasting.

LED lamps can be used in both indoor and outdoor stadium venues and are available in a wide range of sizes. To find out more about LED stadium lights and to get a better idea of the value and savings involved when making the switch over to better lighting, please call AdhEcogen today at (905) 282-0881 or visit our website at adhecogen.com. We provide the highest quality LED lamps and lighting systems on the market today for both small and large stadiums.

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  • Feb 28 2017
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