Zinc die-casting and custom design fabrication solutions

by Adhecogen

A machine that produces custom parts.
A worker programming software for automated manufacturing technology.

Zinc die-casting is one of the most efficient techniques to produce parts quickly. This way, various parts of various designs are manufactured for different equipment solutions.

Characteristics of zinc die-castings parts

High strength and hardness: The parts have high strength and hardness with zinc die casting. These parts can be used in many functions and resist corrosion, temperature changes and mechanical wear.

Excellent electrical conductivity: Zinc fabricated objects are excellent conductors of electricity and can be used in electronic equipment, lamps and appliances.

High thermal conductivity: Zinc’s resistance to thermal wear and its ability to conduct heat allow it to be used in parts that need to be heated, such as resistors.

Low-cost raw material and process: Zinc is an inexpensive and highly functional metal. The die casting process has a lower relative cost than other casting processes, so the parts produced have high functionality and low cost.

High-quality finishing characteristics: Zinc is a highly malleable and effortlessly polished material, making it the ideal metal for producing high-quality parts.

Design facilities: Zinc’s malleability and accessible casting properties make it the ideal material for any complex design.

Complete recyclability: Zinc fabricated parts can be recycled, giving life to different parts. The process eliminates unusable scrap, making it a material that can be used as an environmentally friendly solution.

ADHECOGEN custom design solution

We provide flexible manufacturing services that keep you ahead of your competition. No matter where you are located or what custom components you need, our top priority will be to deliver custom hardware on time, on budget and to your complete satisfaction.
We offer many zinc parts designed in a way that meets your needs.

Our manufacturing includes casting, molding, machining, joining and sharing, and forming. With solid quality and supply chain expertise, we manage all manufacturing, logistics and customs clearance to provide you with reliable product performance and short lead times.

Using artificial intelligence (ai) in Supply Chain and Manufacturing

Artificial intelligence allows the production process to be perfected, making it faster and more efficient. The speed of decision-making, the speed of reducing cycle times, the rate of operations, and the speed of continuous improvement are all linked to speed.AI is here to stay.

In today’s world, artificial intelligence is found in every process of daily life, production, and distribution of products. AI helps to reduce product distribution times and the supply of raw materials. It also calculates a company’s needs more accurately, thereby reducing costs.

The AI is also in charge of calculating possible errors in the zinc die casting process and finding solutions for them. AI is responsible for checking each part for defects and calculating the chances of failure during use.

Storage management is another AI function. An efficient warehouse requires every square foot to be utilized, and an AI calculates which products are to be stored in which locations.

AI has the ability to learn and execute tasks. The process becomes more and more efficient, and the parts have a higher quality by using ai technology.

Zinc die casting is an easy and effective method of producing many parts. Artificial intelligence makes this process even more effective and for faster results.